Guild meeting stash SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the greater Kansas City Fiber Guild meeting, which is always a swap n’ shop in January, only to come away with 12 1/2 POUNDS of wool/rayon weaving in absolutely lovely blue/purple/berry colors–for FREE!! Thanks to Sandy Cahill for having too much stash, thereby enhancing mine…pics to follow


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Lost Camera Crisis!

Okay, so I went to take new pics of my drum carder’s maiden voyage–thanks Nikol at Harveyville Project for a super deal!–and I can’t find my camera. I am pretty sure I left it at church yesterday, so I hope I get it back. You’d have to be pretty ballsy to steal something in a church, but I’m sure it’s been done before…when it’s recovered I will post pics of the fun batts I made…

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Alien Hat Attack!!!

Just thought I’d share a pic of one of my Pluckyfluff hats–thank you SOOOOOO much to Lexi Boeger for two days of  “camp” that have completely changed my spinning style. Smooth, non-bumpy, non-puffball-containing yarns are all but impossible for me to spin now…but that’s okay ’cause I can make cool stuff like this! Also, thank you to Nikol Lohr at the Harveyville Project for hosting such a neato event, and cooking all that nummy food…can’t wait for Spring Yarn School, hope I can convince DH that this is a “necessary business expense…”

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She had just learned to spin the night before, and was already hooked! So even though it’s 28 degrees in this pic and she has gloves on, she just HAD to bring the spindle with us to Silver Dollar City–what  a hardcore crafter, I’m such a proud mom!

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Just finished plying the alpaca yarn for DD’s Christmas socks. She takes riding lessons once a week and her feet are always cold…she’s gonna be the only one at the stables with handspun handknit alpaca socks, and cold tootsies will no longer be a problem!

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CHICKEN HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

…and chicken tummies, tails, beaks, and feet…

The only animal costumes our church didn’t have for the children’s Christmas pageant were…chickens. “Oh, Karen, you can sew–would you mind making two chicken costumes?” So here I am, 12 days before the pageant, finishing up the chicken bodies. Got the hats done today and I Lurve them! Must add photos asap…think I’ll make my own chicken hat and wear it out and about–just because…

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Top 5 List

Okay,  I know it’s way early for new year’s resolutions, but I thought I’d make a short list of stuff I’d like to do creatively in the next little while:

1.  Put photos on this blog!!!

2.  Do more playing around with making art dolls.

3.  Get more comfortable with mixed media/collage stuff.

4.  Take a dye workshop/class–maybe Spring Yarn School in Harveyville, KS.

5.  Learn more about selling my jewelry and fiber arts–without being a nervous wreck about it!

Number 5 is probably the most important–I always get kind of worried about putting my work out there on public view–if they don’t like my work, are they saying they don’t like me?? I need to quit worrying so much about what people think and just let my work honestly reflect my own creativity…

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Hello world!

Greetings from Planet Ewenity, somewhere in Kansas…I’m just an obsessive crafter who would really rather spin, knit, crochet, weave, make candles, jewelry, paper or dolls rather than go to “work” but paychecks are nice! I will upload  photos of some of my projects just as soon as I find out how…thank goodness for the WordPress themes, at least this isn’t in black and white!!!

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